Creating a Sharing Link

Sharing links are the easiest way to send media out for review. You can create a link to any file, folder, or project in your Screenlight account. Administrators and Project Managers are the only ones that can create sharing links. Here's how to create a Sharing link


Go file, folder, or project that you want to share and click the manage sharing icon

Sharing links are context sensitive. If you create a link from the file preview page, the link will point to that particular file. If you create a link from the main page of a project it will point there, and if you create a link from within a folder it will point to that folder. 


Click the + icon to create a new sharing link

It's helpful to give your links friendly names so that you can keep track of them. 

The links we create contain a random token that people won't be able to guess. These links are not indexed by search engines, so you don't have to worry about people stumbling across your private media.    

If you want added security you can add a password to a link. If you do this, we recommend distributing the password separately from the link so that if the message gets forwarded on, unauthorized users would still need the password. 

You can select what people with the link can do. The most common set of permissions that people grant is the option to  Add comments and View other people's comments. If you don't want commenters to see all of the back and forth on the project, you can leave the view option unchecked. 

If you give people the option to Download files, they will see a download button at the top left of the video player. Clicking the button will give them the option of downloading the Master file that was uploaded or the Proxy file that we create for online viewing.  

If you leave all of the boxes unchecked, reviewers will just see a big video player, audio player, or image. If you want them to do additional things, you can check off the appropriate boxes. This is handy if you just want to share a file without getting feedback. 

You can set an expiration date and time for your links. If people try to view them after that time, they will be directed to a page indicating that the link is no longer available. Read this blog post for more detail on the  use cases for setting an expiry date.


Share the link

After you save your link, you will be brought to a page that lists all of the links you have created. 

Click the link to preview it and see what the reviewer experience will look like. 

Click one of the icons to the right of the link permissions to share it. The clipboard icon will copy the link to your computer's clipboard. You can then past the link into an email or a project management tool like Basecamp. The email icon will open your email program and create a new message that is pre-populated with the sharing link. 

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